Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Shabbat is supposed to be a day of rest, right?

So. Friday night was restful. We had curried chicken and rice and peas and chatted and read and learned and went to bed early.

Saturday, though...

Spend the morning in synagogue. Where Jonathan got called to say the Torah blessings for the sole reason, we think, that he and the guy previous to him both happened to wear dark blue shirts and black pants, and are the same general body type. Bruce (the gabbai - um, deacon, I guess, but I'm not sure) has a weird sense of humor.

Services over, we have kiddush - in this case, cakes and soda. While there, I make other arrangements. See, I may have jury duty this week, and if I do and it (unlikely) extends until Friday, that would make Shabbos dinner hard.

So I arranged with a friend to have dinner with them. Then I asked the rabbi about a kiddush we want to sponsor, because I'm about to finish a course of study, and what's appropriate for me to do. We actually can't imagine anything I can't do, but. I did impress him, though.

Then we stayed for the rabbi's class on Maimonides.

Then we finally went home and had lunch, and then read before taking naps. Naps are good. And then we were off again - me to a friend's house for a class on the weekly Torah portion, him to first a Talmud class and then to synagogue, where there would be a Tu b'Shevat seder between afternoon and evening services. Much fruit and grape juice.

He was home when I came home. I took a shower while he completed some synagogue business and then he washed up the Shabbos dishes so I could make the kitchen dairy.

And now? I'm cooking lasagne for a family potluck tomorrow. This is a Non-Chanukah party. Every year, Jonathan's family has a large Chanukah party on a Sunday during Chanukah. There's always a Sunday. But this year, there was a very large family wedding at the end of November, and no one wanted another party so soon.

Thus, we're having the party tomorrow. One of the customs is to give gifts to the precollege age kids. Right now, that's three little boys. So. They're getting gifts. :)

Where is Jonathan? At still another class at our synagogue...

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