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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

And the verdict is...


All Knowledge is Contained on LJ.


I was given Maxalt, which melts on the tongue and makes the symptoms go away if it's migraine. And doesn't do a thing if it isn't.

And when one started to develop tonight while we were having dinner out with a friend...well, it seems to have made a difference. So. Yay.


Reminds me of a mailing list I'm on where a member posted one day that 'wahoo, I've got ***'. Everyone was like 'uh... congratulations?'

But the thing was, she'd had symptoms that no one had correctly diagnosed ever since she was a child (she's now a married woman with a kid). She'd lose periods of time without realizing it, among other things. Because she didn't know what it was, she'd go through depression.

But now she had a diagnosis and knew what the treatment was.

Sometimes the not knowing is the worst part (like my vision problems back in November that they never did find the cause for)


See, I was happier, I think, not knowing. Because I had a theory. And it was a good theory and a workable one and didn't imply a chronic condition.

It just happened to be *wrong*. *Sigh*.

At least I think the med works.