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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Because LJ is for complaining, right?

I didn't bring the meds with me to work. Because I'm afraid that I will consider any pain to be migraine and take it when I don't need it.

And by 3 today, under the pressure of having to finish this week's work in case I have jury duty tomorrow (I really wish I *knew*, you know? Make life easier.) I had a headache in the right place - across my forehead - and my stomach was not happy.

So. Took a break. Said mincha. Bought coffee *and* Excedrin Migraine.

And. It's better. Not perfect - not by a long shot, but it's bearable. I did scold my husband, but that was because he'd left the house late and in consequence, we might not get folded laundry back. And then he's dealing with it because it's not fair that we pay for laundry to be done and he leaves late and so I have to fold it? Nope.

Okay, not coherent, either. However, I *am* finished with the week's work, so that's good. I'll know about jury duty in about 35 minutes, give or take.


I don't think anything bad happens if you take it when it's not really a migraine... I mean, if you did it a LOT, maybe it would lose effectiveness and you'd have to try a different one. Me, I don't leave the house without one in my tiny tin Hello Kitty pill box. ;-)