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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I called the jury duty number, and all jurors are to report in.

I'm taking books and notebooks and pens and my pda, which I might not be able to keep. And a pill bottle with advil, caffeine pills, exedrin migrain pills and a Maxalt, and a bottle of water.

My husband assures me there is a kosher restaurant right there.

Jury duty

Are you sitting state or federal jury duty? And where? I worked by the courthouse in Brooklyn one summer and can give you directions to the kosher restaurant in the area if you like (I hope). But that was the NY courthouse, I don't know where the federal one is.

State, I think.

15 Willoughby


It looks like you are going to be where I thought you were going to be. You should head towards Court Street (there is a terrible pizza store on Court Street a few stores to the left of Joralemon Street/across from the Teacher's Union building). There is a Garden of Eatin type place on the corner of Remsen and Henry which is 1 block to the right of Joralemon and 2 up from Court Street. (I have NO idea if I made any sense and whether these places are still open b/c I worked there in 2000)

I hope it wasn't *too* boring. Jury duty is something I haven't had to do so far (touch wood), but I'm told that if you're not properly equipped, it's an excrutiatingly long day.