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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I hate this.

It's been a week, and it's not getting better. I mean, the headache recedes and comes back but never goes away, and right now my vision is starting to blur, and I already took Maxalt today. Which takes care of the nausea but not the headaches so much.

This does calm down, right? I mean, once I get used to the whole thing, it calms down?

This has never happened before. In all the times I've had "food poisoning" or whatever, I was *fine* two days later.

And I'm waiting for a call back from my doctor.


um. Migraines can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days--the last one I had lasted about four days, on and off, like you're describing. But the Maxalt should take care of the headache, too, not just the nausea. The fact that it *hasn't*, as well as the fact that your headaches are across your forehead, rather than on one side in the back of your head (typical migraines are generally described as a spike of pain to one side of your head, in the back), leaves me concerned that you may not be dealing with migraine at all here.

Talk to your doctor--sometimes all you need are different drugs. But it may not be migraine, in which case he/she may need to think about a different way to treat this.

According to my doctor, if it isn't a migraine, the drug would have *no* effect at all. As it is, the nausea goes away in a minute or two (seriously - one moment I'm curled around my stomach; the next I'm sitting up and feeling better) and the headache recedes about twenty minutes later. It's still there, but it's less, and with the nausea gone, I can function.

I've been reading Oliver Sacks and there really is no one way for migraine, even for one person. I'm pretty well common - the nausea is the deciding factor, apparently.


there really is no one way for migraine, even for one person.

True enough there. The doctors finally decided I had migraine because they couldn't find anything else wrong with me. Needless to say, I was less than thrilled with the reason behind the diagnosis.

I just hope you can find something that makes this go *away*, not just make it recede for a bit. *crosses fingers*

Well, pretty much on a whim because I'm making a stir fry for dinner and my husband likes putting the powdered stuff in tea, I just nibbled on a very thin piece of fresh ginger. I mean, very thin - two ml tops.

And it seems to have helped.

Among other things, I'm actually *writing*. And not just a birthday story, either.


Heh, the one good thing that I can say seems to have come along with having migraines all the time is that since the migraines started happening so much, I have become much more creative and and improved *so* much with my drawing. I don't know if it's because of changed brain chemistry or because I can do it sitting still so I was drawing and practicing so much more to keep from getting bored while trying to not get sick, not get a headache or not fall down or what, but I can't deny that whatecer the reason, I have come a very long way as an artist in the last two or reeally three years. Maybe this is affecting your writing.

I still don't know if it was worth all the pain though.

We've already talked about this a bit on IM. But these headaches started really suddenly and with great frequency. It sounds like the Maxalt really isn't the solution. But really, keep that headache diary! It's a great help to your doctor.

And really. If you need anything, call.

They did not start suddenly. I've been having them at fairly infrequent intervals for years - I think since I was a kid. At least, I have strong memories of a couple of nights when I woke up with bad headaches and nausea in which vomiting made it all better. And I've returned to these memories each time I had something like this happen. They're why I'd been certain it was a stomach thing.

It's that I had two such in about ten days as opposed to several weeks that I got concerned enough to speak to my doctor.

I totally sympathize with you, Deb. I get what I asume is a migraine headache once or twice a year. With me, it starts out like a sinus headache behind my left eye, but the pain is much, much worse than from sinuses and then I get the nausea. I haven't notice any particular sensitivity to light. I haven't been to the doctor about the headaches for a diagnosis because as I said, I don't have them very often. I hope your doctor can steer you to a medication that works.