Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pakua Diary 2/12/04

Just realized I haven't done this today.

I had no energy today. I hate this new state of my body.

Got there right on time. Instructor Yasmin was in the dressing room, so I wasn't alone.

We did the walking, and then we sat on the floor and took actual written *notes*. First, Instructor Dominique went through the symbolism of the 24 movements - the first 8, which are done standing, are "Sky", the second 8, which are done with spread legs, are "Man" (by which is meant "humans" not "adult males") and the third 8, which are done seated on the ground, are "Earth". The sparings are also classified like this - one-on-one, which are done a safe distance apart, are "sky." The self-defense techniques, which are done with a mininal touching, are "Man", and the full on free sparring that we haven't done yet are "Earth."

Then she went through the second half of the Shadow movements and we wrote them down.

Then we did the 24 movements. Ins. Yasmin did Sky, I did Man and Ins. Dominique did Earth.

Then we did free one-step fighting. This means that one person steps forward with a punch, and the other one decides on her own which technique to use. It was fun, and I seem to have figured out green belt.

But they were afraid to flip me because of the migraines.

I'm not sure I'm going tomorrow. Depends on how I feel.

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