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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Attention Jewish Flyladies (you know who you are) and anyone else who is interested:

I've started a new community called aishet_sheretz just for us (although everyone is welcome.) Purim is around the corner and the great loomingness that is Passover is right behind it. Flylady is wonderful, but she's not going to be helping much with that. So, let's do it ourselves.

Come join!

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I'm trying to decide what to do about my Mishloach Manot. I'm going to bake something, but I'm not sre what. And I have to decide what to put it in. Maybe make cloth pouches...

flylady IS rather christiancentric.

Annoying, really.

GOOD for you!

what exactly is flylady? i'm trying to figure it out...


Flylady rocks! Check out the website.


i looked at the website...i'm not...getting....it


basically, she's put together a system for you to get control of the mess, chaos and clutter that all of us face in our houses (unless we are the flylady, that is). She suggests a systematic approach to housecleaning, versus what people like I do (oh there's so much mess I don't know where to start. I'm too overwhelmed to bother). In her case, she starts in the kitchen. She suggests that if nothing else in our house is clean, we can at least have a bright, shiny, empty sink. (this is actually easier said than done, but it's a nice idea) She focuses on "zones" in your house and approaches to how and when to tackle them.

Does that help?


that would be if mess and clutter bothered you...right? :)

i'm the type who can deal fine...but one day i snap and clean like a mad woman (this week has been snap week...we're STILL not all moved in!)


it's not just about clutter. In a way, I guess it's a way to avoid those snap weeks. Once you've integrated Flylady routines into your life, there's never any need.

Obviously, if it doesn't bother you at all, ever, you won't be motivated to read FlyLady and follow the advice. And I'm not saying it's for everyone. It's just a good way to get started and stay motivated if you want that in your life.

I am not a very good fly. My sink is full of dishes right now. Sigh.


how on earth does a website motivate you to do dishes!?!?


Obviously it doesn't work for everyone. It's not just a website. There's a mailing list also. And it has a whole program that you can set up for yourself. And if you DO follow that, you WILL find yourself building up new habits. Members of the FlyLady program are encouraged to create a "control journal" which helps you organize and plan your routines for cleaning, shopping, etc. It suggests that you have a morning and a before bed routine. It's pretty clear-cut, sensible, and self-evident stuff, but puts it all in one place.

Obviously, not everyone will be inspired. A person isn't going to be inspired if they don't want to be.

If you really want to know more, take some time to read some of the links on the Flylady homepage. The homepage itself isn't nearly as illuminating as the rest of the site.


the things they have online these days....amazing!

Yay! What a great idea!

"Wife of a creepy-crawly"?