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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

On the migraine front:

I seem to not have one right now. For the first time in a week. I'm lightheaded but not in pain. It's an amazing feeling.

Tomorrow, I'm doing *nothing*. My husband is going to a cantor's conference. I'll catch up on things I've taped and watch a documentary on Tupperware.

And I have scheduled my siyyum. A siyyum is a celebration one makes upon the completion of a major work of Jewish studies - a tractate of Talmud, for example, or a seder of Mishnah. Mishnah is the codification of Jewish law. It's divided into six sections called "seders". I have about a book and a half to go for this one, and I'll be done way before the time scheduled.

My rabbi suggested that we do it at suedat shlishit, which is the ritual third meal of the Sabbath, held between the afternoon and evening services, and is far more relaxed than the kiddush after morning services. Also, because I'm a woman, and therefore not required to do this he had to figure out what would be best. Standard for a man is to say the last mishnah and make a short talk, and then say a long prayer and then a kaddish.

For me - my husband is saying the kaddish, which is something I'm very comfortable with. Otherwise, it's all me.

Also. I have official permission to take mixed classes in martial arts. So when I get my grey belt, I can take the improvement/instructor classes. Yay.


Congratulations on it all! Your studies, your permission to take mixed classes, and your freedom from migraines!

I saw that documentary on Tupperware and it was fascinating to learn about how a sales forced based on women could become such a player in the male-dominated 1950s. I'm sure you'll love it.

Please accept my best wishes on your siyyum!

I can only hope about the freedom.

But thank you!


What are the rules for doing the mixed-classes? Are you allowed to wear your normal outfit, or do you have to modify it with a skirt or something?

I still can't spar with men, and I have to keep my hair covered. Otherwise - well, my question was about the uniform itself - did I have to wear a skirt over the pants.

And the answer was, as they are baggy unisex uniform pants, and therefore not officially male clothing, I can wear them. YAY.

Great news all around! Congrats!