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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

This is the most adorable thing ever.

My mother has been a widow for about 4.5 years. She's in her seventies, but doesn't look it. She's been doing volunteer work at a local hospital, in the gift shop.

And yesterday, she went on a date with another volunteer, a gentleman named "Leonard". They hung around the mall and ate ice cream and talked. And she says she had a marvelous time and they had a lot to talk about, and he begged her for another date, so she accepted.

And, of course, he's Jewish. And he's from Brooklyn. And so they have tons in common. And Mom says he's cute, and my mother likes cute men. Which is where I got it.


She missed male company, I think. I also think it's wonderful, where ever it leads. And they're being nice and old-fashioned about it, too.

I mean, how cute can you get?


My g'ma is 73, living in NJ, a widow for a couple years now. She's gotten very active in her synagogue since he passed away. She started dating a Leonard, goes by Lennie, a few months ago maybe, and they're gonna get married!! We're all happy for her, and it's a riot watching her make arrangements: making sure her money goes to her grandkids and great-grandkids, where will they live, all sorts of things. Even when they're going to have a ceremony she wants every else to decide, to make sure we all can attend.

It's such an amusing thought, her carrying on with this new gentlemen. We like him; he's a nice guy.

I'm happy for your mom and her Lennie. I hope things work out wonderfully!

That is completely adorable!

That's great!

Awww! How sweet. I hope they have lots more dates. :)


How I wish my mother would find a nice man to date. She's been a widow going into her fourth year and I think it would do her good to date. I'm tickled your mother had a great time. :)

my ex husbands grandmother remarried in her late 70's to a distant cousin of hers that she grew up with. He had lost his wife and was moving to Israel, she had already lost her husband and had already moved to Israel.

He needed someone to take care of him, she needed someone to take care of, so it worked out great.