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Happy Birthday, daughtershade!

Due South Fraser/RayK NC-17

Helping Hand

He had no idea where the gay porn came from. One minute, he was settling on his couch next to Fraser, with a bowl of popcorn and a beer for him, and a smaller bowl for the wolf, the next there were these two naked male bodies on his television screen.

Very nice naked male bodies, which wasn't much of a surprise, but it wasn't the action flick he'd rented. And, also, Fraser wasn't supposed to know he thought naked male bodies were nice.

"I'm sorry, Fraser. I am going to kill the guy at the video store." And Ray got up to pop out the video tape and look for something more Fraserlike. Because Fraser had to be turning bright red, except that Ray didn't even want to look at Fraser's face in case Fraser thought he was the sort of guy who brought home gay porn on purpose.

Which he was, but, again, Fraser wasn't supposed to know that.

"Ray. Ray. RAY!" He was nearly at the set when Fraser's voice stopped him. Since he didn't have a choice, he turned around. And Fraser's face was not bright red, but his eyes were dark.

"Fraser, what? I'm gonna take this off now."

"You. Don't have to." Now he was blushing. If he'd been in that tunic of his, instead of a t-shirt and jeans, both tight enough to make Ray's throat dry, he'd be matching it. And Ray was blushing right along with him. "I have no objections to the subject matter."

Ray felt the sudden need to sit down right on the floor, so he did. "What did you just say? You don't mind gay porn? When have you seen gay porn?"

"Constable Turnbull has quite an extensive collection, as it happens. He's very much the connoisseur of such things, and we have viewed examples more than once."

"You and Turnbull. Watched porn together." Oh, God. That was an image. The two Mounties sitting next to each other, pants open and things out, watching porn and...Oh, God. He'd need to put that away in a good place, a place he could find it again.

"Of course, if this sort of thing offends you, Ray, I will quite understand if you choose to end it." He would also be disappointed. Ray could read that much into Fraser's voice.

He levered himself off the floor and sat back down on the couch. He took a look at the screen. Yeah, nice male bodies. He took a look at Fraser. Nicer male body.

"No, it absolutely does not offend me. I got my own collection right here, though I don't pretend to be a raconteur like Turnbull."

"Excellent. Then we should. Watch." Ray nodded and turned up the sound. Dief gave a whimper and left the living room, dragging his bowl of popcorn with him. "I'm afraid Diefenbaker is strictly heterosexual."

"To each his own." Ray spread his legs wide, and waited for the action on the screen to create some action in his pants. Except he was more interested in Fraser.

Who was staring right at the screen with his hand right *there*. And there was a lot of there there, which Ray knew because Fraser liked to wear jeans that left nothing to the imagination.

"I could, you know. Give you a hand. Or whatever."

Fraser looked at him, and what he saw made his cock leap to attention. He'd never seen Fraser turned on before, which was a shame and he'd make sure he saw it a lot more often. "If you wouldn't mind."

Mind. As if he'd mind. It wasn't easy, but he managed to unzip those jeans and to pull...whoa... the monster out from the boxers. "Oh, my." It had been a long time since he'd done this - not since the day before he'd become Vecchio because Vecchio didn't go in for giving anonymous blowjobs, which was a crying shame - and it meant that this was something that Vecchio never did with his Mountie.

God. It filled his mouth just perfect, and there was Fraser's hand in his hair, which felt more intimate than Fraser's dick in his mouth, which was weird but nice. And he sucked and licked and even used a touch of teeth and his other hand was down in his own pants because, well, it was out of Fraser's reach.

And the sounds on the screen got louder and he sucked along with them because, why not, and Fraser's breathing got harder and harder and it all felt so damn good and sexy and dirty that all three of them came at the same time, which was pure greatness.

And an eternity later, after Ray did some licking up that Fraser seemed to appreciate, Fraser took his hand out of Ray's hair and Ray sat up, wondering if he should change his pants or take a shower, and if he could get Fraser in the shower with him, which part of him should have been too tired to appreciate, but wasn't.

"Why didn't you say you were queer, Fraser?"

Fraser smiled. "I thought it was obvious. Certainly, Ray Vecchio picked that up right away. However, he's on Diefenbaker's side of the fence, so nothing came of it. I certainly picked those vibes from you. I just thought I was not your type, which I could understand."

"Nah. It's that my gaydar sucks. I gotta have it put right in my face. Which I'm glad it is now."

"As am I." From the kitchen, Dief whined. "And *he* will just have to get used it."

"Yeah - because he's *not* going in the bedroom. I don't like spectators." Not with Fraser. Something told him that Fraser and him were going to be more than just porno watching buddies.

Maybe it was because Fraser took him by the hand when they went to the shower. Which was as much fun as that part of him thought.

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