Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pakua Diary 2/19/04

Got there a tad early.

Did the normal running/walking around the gym. Penina (orange belt) came a bit late but it was great not being the only one in class. First time in a couple of weeks.

Penina did the first eight ("sky") movements and I did the second eight ("man") movements, and Instructor Dominique did the final eight ("earth") movements. Then we did one-on-one.

She then taught us a couple of movement kicks she'd taught me before - kicks that move you across the room. The first one used the front leg - move the front leg, side kick with the rear and land in the opposite position, arms following. She used a foam bat to make sure our hands were in blocking position.) This I got fairly well, although I did have a tendency to forget to kick. *shrug*

The second was more complex. It used the rear leg.

Fighting position puts one leg in front, one in back, weight evenly balanced, with the arm on the front side forward and the other back, both hands in fists, high enough to protect the face. I fall into it easily now.

So. Move rear leg. Turn in 270 degrees in direction of that leg. Do back kick with looking. End in fighting position.

I found this more difficult - the turn confused me, but I think I figured out.

The next one, the step-punch -

Put all weight on rear foot. Place front foot on mat. Transfer all weight to front foot. Move rear foot forward, punching. This was very difficult until Dominique had us practice all the elements separately. Then it worked.

Then we did two techniques, both for one-step fighting, which is, to review, the opponent taking one step forward and punching the air, and leaving the arm outstretched.

The first one was step back with front foot, grab the arm, kick out the knee to cause the opponent to fall forwards and then finish by going to one knee and punching.

The second was step back with rear foot, block the arm, turn and strike with the elbow and finish with a side kick to the middle (or to the knee.)

And that was that. Next evaluation is March 4. Grey belt, maybe. Or stripes. And I can start taking instructor level classes.

Meanwhile. I found out that Pa-kua NY is a hot bed of gossip and sex and I'm completely out of the loop. My first master, Master Katie, got divorced from Master Dan *months* ago, and I first heard of it today. Meanwhile all the Masters, mostly male, are sleeping with the mostly female instructors.

I'm going to be an instructor in less than a month, I hope. Thank goodness I'm married.

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