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mamadeb's LiveJournal Friend Stats I
Biggest digital packrat:
Most easily-distracted:
Most friendly:
Most popular:
Most communities:
Oldest on LJ:
Newest to LJ:
What Are YOUR LiveJournal Friend Stats?

(Beta - May be slow for those with large friends lists)

fizzabith 102%
avivasedai 102%
prillalar 102%
rusty76 98%
cellio 98%
khaosworks 95%
otherdeb 95%
rosenho 95%
isabeau 95%
thete1 95%
tstar78 93%
ase 93%
amberfox 91%
ariestess 91%
blueraccoon 89%
gblvr 84%
elynross 84%
tigerbright 82%
quecojones 82%
ailsaek 81%
catmoran 80%
mommybird 76%
julad 72%
sanj 61%
elance 52%
How compatible with me are YOU?

Suffice it to say that no one on my flist who has taken this test is more than 33% sexually compatible with me. :)

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