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Can't live with them, can't cut them up for bait.

I'm going to a convention this weekend. Normally, we go to cons together, since we're both science fiction fans and it's something we both enjoy. We met at an SF con. We celebrated our engagement at one. We got married during one and celebrated our tenth anniversary at one. We went to Worldcon this year, despite the fact that we were going to move within the month and hadn't started packing.

But those are all literary/general type conventions. This is a media convention, and although he is also a media fan, he'd be uncomfortable and bored, so he decided he didn't want to go. Which is fine. I'll miss him, but I think he's right.

Except that he doesn't want to be alone this weekend, and he has made sure I know it. He's been whining and complaining and crying and demanding hugs, and today he just left for work, even though it's past 11 AM and it's a 75 minute commute if he's lucky and he has to be *home* by 4PM. I'm going to have to get the house set up for him just to make life easier. He's three, I swear he's three.

It's just very frustrating. I want this con. I want this little vacation from everything. I would love to have him with me, but there's an attraction to being by myself. And I feel bad about that. Damn.

I'll survive, he'll survive. I'm not looking forward to a Shabbat alone. Aggh.

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