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Happy Birthday, rachel_wilder!

Sports Night Dan/Casey *G*

On Line

"There's more people in line in San Francisco." Dana walked into the office, clipboard in hand.

"There are more people in line in San Francisco?" Casey looked up from his monitor.

"Yes. And in New Mexico, too."

"Imagine that. I assume this is not some sporting event, given that there are no major sporting events occurring right now." He pretended to ignore Dana's glare.

Dan backed in, carrying two cups of coffee and several sandwiches. "Lunch order came in." He put one cup next to Casey and then began distributing sandwiches. "You get the ham and cheese on white and the turkey and Swiss White bread. Both with mayonnaise. You are from the Midwest, aren't you?" He put the packages next to the cup. "Whereas *I* have a Reuben sandwich. A Reuben, my friend. A concoction of corned beef and Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on *rye bread* with mustard and Russian dressing that would make my Bubby Ida spin in her grave but is worth every rotation."

"This is why I don't let him cook." Casey took a sip of his coffee. Light and sweet. Perfect.

"That and I can't cook." Dan flopped next to his desk, looking loving at his oversized sandwich.

"I don't believe either one of you cook."

"So, Dan, there are more people in line in San Francisco."

"There are?"

"So sayeth Dana."

"What is this about, Dana? Why are there more people on line in San Francisco?"

"Also New Mexico." Dana rolled her eyes. "I can't believe *you* guys aren't paying attention to this. It's the whole gay marriage thing. And you guys are..."

"Yes, Dana. We know what we are. We knew it before you did." Casey looked at her over his turkey on white.

"You did not know it before I did. I knew it first."

"You did not know it first. There is no way you would know it first, since you are utterly and completely without gaydar." He wanted to laugh, but that would spoil things.

"You're right. I am."

Dan finally swallowed the huge bite he'd taken. "Natalie told you."

"Natalie told me. But she knew it before you did."

"She knew it before we told anyone."

"She knew it the day she walked into the office. She told me 'Those two guys are completely in love with each other and they don't know it.' Even when she was rooting for me to date Casey, she kept reminding me."

"Did you believe her?"

"I did not. I continued not to believe her until we caught you guys kissing in the editing room and we no longer had a choice about who to believe. I ate two pints of Ben and Jerry's that night. TWO PINTS. And not plain stuff. I ate New York Super Chunk *and* Chunky Monkey because that's what it called for."

"So you didn't know. You were told but you didn't believe." Dan smirked. "That's why you went on the chunky binge."

"I do NOT binge. I knew. I just didn't want to know. Because the moment you guys made it clear, we knew we always knew. We are off the subject."

"What is the subject?" This time Dan spoke around the huge mouthful, which was disgusting in a very special way.

"The subject is that people you are getting married in San Francisco. And New Mexico. And you don't know it."

Casey put down his coffee cup. "Of course we know it, Dana. Dan and I sent flowers."

"So did Natalie. And Jeremy. Separately." Dan picked at a stray piece of sauerkraut.

"So why aren't you guys..."

"What? Flying to San Francisco? Or making plans to vacation in Massachusetts?"

"Yeah. Before it gets shut down."

"Because it *will* get shut down, Dana. Because it's a great thing, and maybe after a few more of these, laws will be changed." Dan pushed his sandwich away. "Because we *can't*. And you know why we can't."

"Isaac wouldn't mind."

"Isaac would play the father of the grooms. But Isaac figured things out before Natalie did. Casey, tell her why we can't."

"She knows why we can't."

"I do?"

"She knows why your official residence is that co-op in Battery Park City you haven't seen since September 11. She knows why we walk a foot apart in public." Casey started pacing the room, forgetting his lunch. "She knows why we occasionally are seen with ladies. She knows why we can't fly to San Francisco and get a marriage license." He broke the little wooden coffee stirrer he'd picked up somehow.

Dan grabbed his hand. "She does know why. So she also knows why we don't want to talk about this."

She sat down in Casey's seat. "Oh, God, guys. I'm sorry. I was so excited about, you know. You guys being official that I forgot."

Casey let go of Dan's hand and began kneading Dana's shoulder. "That's because it's our job to remember. Dana, I promise you that if the day ever comes that two sportscasters of the same sex and on the same show can come out as sleeping in the same bed, you can plan as elaborate a groomal shower as you want."

"Groomal is not a word." Dana grinned.

"It should be."

Dan chewed on some rye crust. "Lots of things should be. This is a step." He grinned. "And now, can we eat our ethnically correct lunches in peace so that we can get the script thing done?"

"You haven't written the script thing?" She stood up.

"We've written *part*." Casey took Dana's place on his chair, finished his turkey sandwich and started in on his ham.

"Only part?"

"Well, there are all these people on line in San Francisco." Dan settled back in his seat. "We got excited."

She threw the clipboard at him. And missed.

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