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Happy birthday, blueraccoon!

You said any pairing.

Highlander Methos/Joe G

Gold Record

"You ever think you'd see such a crowd, Joseph?" Methos hung over the bar, glass of beer in hand.

Joe shook his head, and wiped out still more mugs for the throngs of people. "This is beyond what I hoped for." He looked into Methos's eyes. "Like a lot of things in my life right now."

"Yeah. We'll have to do something about that, won't we?" They shared a smile. "You need better hopes to get beyond."

"I don't know." His smoky voice hung in the air, even with all the noise. "I don't think I need more." He reached for Methos's hand.

"Hey, now, what's all this?" Mac settled next to them, Amanda close behind. "You two had better behave properly in public, you know."

"Like you two, you mean?" Joe slapped Amanda's hand before she could help herself to draft. "I'll get that. It's not like you guys pay anyway."

"I thought it was all on the house tonight." Amanda took the mug and downed half. "Not bad. Not like my mother made, but everyone's mother made the best beer. Isn't that right?"

Mac nodded, his face full of nostalgia. Methos, of course, tossed down his glass and shrugged. "Don't remember my mother. Also, not sure if we had beer then."

"You probably invented it. And it needed hops." Amanda smiled and handed her empty mug to Joe.

"Good thing the record label is paying for this shindig. They have no idea how much it costs to keep Immortals in beer." He gave Mac a fresh glass, too. "If only you would get drunk."

"Oh, we could, but it wouldn't be pretty."

Amanda rolled her eyes. "You've been there, too?"

"Nearly cut off heads that wouldn’t give me a quickening. And had to drink the pub half dry in almost no time. And woke up next to Fitz."

"That would be the worst part." Amanda nodded. "I've done that. He was ugly in the morning."

"He's worse after he gets drunk." He raised his third glass. "To Fitz!"

The four of them drank. Methos picked up his own. "And to Joe, with the first of many gold records to come."

"To Joe!" Joe held his own glass down while the other toasted.

"Thank you." Then he held it up and held Methos' eyes with his own. "To Methos, who showed me that age is no barrier to anything, and who lets me hope beyond reason. For as long as we have."

"For as long as we have, Joseph." Methos smiled. They drank.

Methos leaned over the bar to kiss Joe, to the cheers of the party-goers, the frowns of the record executives and the joy of their friends.

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