Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

I just caught up on Smallville and Angel.

I feel wrung out - those two shows combined managed to get to me hard. Smallville reminded me of my father's death (complications after a bypass) and then came Angel. And TV Guide spoiled me for Angel.

There was a lot good and a lot bad in Smallville. Garrett was good up until he strapped a kryptonite bomb to his chest. I believed his reactions to both his brother's death and his ressurrection. I loved the scenes between Clark and Jonathan. I loved that Martha let Clark deal with his being unable to help his father in his own way. I liked the interaction between Lex and Chloe. I'll never be a Chlex fan, but now I can say it's possible. I liked Clark's reaction to it being his blood. "I can save lives this way. I can save *Dad*."

I hated the bomb. I hated the pinkness. I hated the lack of Clex. But. I did like Lex's little smile when the vial disappeared. He KNEW. He absolutely knew that it was Clark. And he *loved* it. "That's my boyfriend!"

And it's pretty clear that Lionel has a rare liver disease. Good thing Lex quit drinking, isn't it?

As for Angel. I was spoiled. I haven't been a Fred fan, but I haven't hated her, either, and I knew what was going to happen, and it hurt. (And, okay, she came between Wesley and Gunn.)

I have to say - there was humor, and it worked for me. There was wonderful interaction between Angel and Spike. There were heroes.

And everything else was supposed to hurt and it did. Angel doesn't want to lose another friend; Spike and Lorne don't want to lose someone who doesn't see them as demons. Gunn and Wesley love her; Knox...well, he got what he deserved, didn't he? They had their reasons to love her, and to want to save her.

I cried during the Wesley scenes. But the ones that hurt were the ones where Angel and Spike had to decide her or the world, and the one where Gunn learned he was the proximate cause of her death. He doesn't need to go to hell. He's already there.

But there's something else. Fred was already gone. They made that clear in the first scene. That woman - funny and independent and bright and ambitious, off to conquer the world of physics - she died in the caves of Pylea. She had to become someone else to survive five years there and that someone else is also bright, but I think I would have liked to have known Fred the way she was.

But that doesn't mean I don't hurt now for her five heroes. :(

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