Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pakua Diary 2/27/04

We continued our preparation for the evaluation next week. We did more rolls and falls, and I did very well, I think. For the first time, when I did the front fall (from standing, hands in a diamond, landing on forearms, hands and toes), my stomach did not touch the ground and I landed firmly on my forearms. I also finally caught a clue for front roll - aim for the shoulder on which you mean to roll. You do that, you go over very easily. Same for back roll, in the other direction. Then Penina and I (who are the only ones who will be evaluated, so it's no wonder we were the only ones there), did more one on one training, encouraged to use all our kicks and punches, and to use combinations.

We then did free one step fighting (from fighting position, step forward with a punch.) I like that Instructor Dominique corrects us after each exchange.

Evaluation next week!

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