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Pakua Diary 3/4/04

Evaluation day!

To my great surprise, the three grey belts in my class showed up, even though technically, they can't get a blue belt without special classes. It was somewhat of a relief, actually, since it would have been weird to have been evaluated with just Penina.

An evaluation is similar to a regular class - warm up, 24 movements, kicks, punches, blocks and then sparring. It's just that we're not taught new techniques. And Master Rosa watched us.

I led part of the 24 movements and did eight punches, and then we went on to one-on-one fighting, modified later to two-on-two. One-on-one does not refer to number of combatants, but to number of moves - one person kicks or punches, then the other. Two-on-two, then, is two kicks or punches or one of each before the other responds.

Then we did free techniques - first self-defense, in which the opponent grabs an appendage or part of the uniform and then one-step, when the opponents steps forward with a punch.

Then, having had a wonderful workout, we were sat down while Dominique, Master Rosa and Master Brian conferred. Then the belts were awarded.

Penina was told she had good speed and energy but needed more control. And she was given her green belt. I'd thought she would get that plus stripes, but what she got was pretty good.

I was told that I was good in front of the class and with the other students and that I had some quality or other that Master Rosa couldn't define. *shrug*. And, yes, I needed control and better use of the mat. But I was given grey anyway. I was telling myself to expect stripes. *Just* stripes. So. Yay!

Then, to our surprise, all the grey belts got blue stripes. Yay! Even Judith, who only came for the class and to cheer the rest of us on, not to be evaluated, got a stripe.

I've been bouncing ever since.

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