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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]


I need ideas for head covering during martial arts class.

I've tried using this, in white, but it's too warm. I have a smaller one - this - which I'll try next.

Bandannas are too small to cover my hair well. I have a silk scarf that's big enough but won't stay on, and a large cotton scarf that *might* work but the fringe gets in the way. Also, I can't tie them well *and* I look just awful in them. I have an absurdly low hairline, and while that means I don't have to cover all of it, it the line of hair sticking out looks *bad*. Snoods fall off - although I have a couple that might work if I clipped them on. Long lined loose nets as opposed to the crocheted ones for those who know of which I speak.

Excercising with a hat is awful. I need a solution.

an SCA perspective on covering hair

The icon I'm using for this comment shows me in my SCA garb. The headgear is done as follows: fold a large square of cloth (I think mine is 45" on a side) along a diagonal, making a triangle. Place cloth on head with fold in front, a couple inches farther foward than final destination, and points hanging to each side and down center back. Place a loose-fitting headband over this (I use a piece of trim tied into a loop); leave a few fingers' width of wiggle room. Now, take the point on one side, pass under ponytail (well, ponytail in my case 'cause my hair is long, otherwise just pass under all hair and cloth), bring up on outside on other side, and wind point around headband a few times, moving toward front of head. Now take the point on the other side and pass over everything in back, wrapping through headband when you get to the other side. Finally, take that extra couple of inches in front and roll it up over the headband, tucking it in. Adjust stuff in back as needed for comfort and appearance.

I make the veils out of light linen and wear 'em all day at Pennsic out in the heat and humidity with no problems; in fact, I do better than with just my hair 'cause the hair is dark brown and absorbs heat. You should be able to exercise in something like this without getting too hot, and even if you don't really sew you can make a large linen square. (Get a friend with a sewing machine or surger to help; it'll take 10 minutes.)

If you've got more sewing skill/tools, you could make yourself a cap, perhaps one that ties under the chin and hangs down in the back to hide your hair, like the simple Viking caps. (Take rectangle, fold, sew up one side, hem, apply ties. You actually sew a curve to follow the contour of the head, rather than making a big rectangle; you have to play with it.)


I just improvised a head band with the leg of an old pair of stockings - nice and stretchy - and used the silk scarf.

It feels rather secure and comfortable (I put the headband under my doubled ponytail) and if it's not gorgeous, it's not bad, either. This could work. It's also fast.

Glad to help. It tends to stay in place all day for me without much trouble (occasionally I tuck wisps of hair back in), though I'm not doing anything as strenuous as pakua. And yes, it's pretty comfortable for me. When I do have comfort problems it's generally because I made the ponytail too tight, not because of the veil. (I don't normally wear a ponytail -- only under this.)

I'm sorry I don't have better pictures for you, particularly from the back. It sounds like you figured it out from my description, though.

It's the head band makes it work, which doesn't surprise me. I went looking for my old sca veils to see if any of them would work, but the only one I could find is oval shaped. I used to wear it as a wimple - with a head band, naturally.

Yes, I've done all my camping in ankle length dresses and veils. :)

I think this would stay on during a roll.

It just doesn't surprise me that the period solution, even if updated with nylon, works.

It just doesn't surprise me that the period solution, even if updated with nylon, works.

There are, by the way, bunches of ways to put veils on heads. I sort of kludged this one together from looking at pictures, but have no better support for its authenticity than that. But since it works, I stopped looking for alternatives. :-)