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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]


I need ideas for head covering during martial arts class.

I've tried using this, in white, but it's too warm. I have a smaller one - this - which I'll try next.

Bandannas are too small to cover my hair well. I have a silk scarf that's big enough but won't stay on, and a large cotton scarf that *might* work but the fringe gets in the way. Also, I can't tie them well *and* I look just awful in them. I have an absurdly low hairline, and while that means I don't have to cover all of it, it the line of hair sticking out looks *bad*. Snoods fall off - although I have a couple that might work if I clipped them on. Long lined loose nets as opposed to the crocheted ones for those who know of which I speak.

Excercising with a hat is awful. I need a solution.


The Muslim women near where I live have *gorgeous* headcoverings. But even if politics :( didn't make it uncomfortable for me to go into their stores, I'm not sure they'd work. Most of them wear basic scarves anyway, and those that don't, either wear very sheer or very heavy.

Sheer is out because if my hair can be seen, it's not covered, and heavy really wouldn't help.

I believe most of them pin their scarves behind their necks and then bring the ends in front. Since moderate hijab commands that only the face be seen, they have to cover their necks. Yes, it does seem secure for most purposes, but I'd hate to get flipped while wearing one that way.