Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

George is home. He's been home since Friday.

I'm using the term loosely because his apartment, being heatless and waterless, is unlivable. He did change the lock on the cellar door (the fire department had to break it when the pipes burst.) So we don't know where he's sleeping. It's not in his mother's house because she doesn't know where he's sleeping, either.

He apparently came in on Friday and started haranguing them about finding another space and leaving. Note: we have signs on both this and the new office announcing when and where we are moving. My boss, who is not a large woman (and George is not a small man) pushed him bodily out of the office.

He just called to give us the same message. Because we love being here with no heat or water, don't we?

Soon. Soon. So very soon.

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