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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
13 years


Auspicious. The Bar Mitzvah of our marriage (except that's appropriately celebrated next Wednesday, on the Hebrew anniversary.)

I love you, Jonathan.

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Congratulations, Mama and Not the Mama!

Aww! Congratulations! May you have many more happy years!

Happy anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary. Mazel tov.

I think that mean you both get called to the Torah and get given lots of fountain pens.

Happy anniversary!

Mazal tov and happy anniversary!

mazal tov and happy anniversary!


Two calendars, two celebrations. Congratulations today and mazel tov next week!

Next year is a Jewish leap year. This month gets doubled.

We get *three* celebrations. :)

Happy anniversary!

Mazeltov! May you live happily and healthily together to a hundred and twenty.

Congratulations! And happy anniversary to you both.

Mille failte dhuit le d'bhreid, Fad do re gun robh thu slan. Mo ran la ithean dhuit is sith, Le d'mhaitheas is le d'ni bhi fas.

A thousand welcomes to you with your wedding veil, May you be healthy all your days. May you be blessed with long life and peace, May you grow old with goodness, and with riches.

Not that I know Gaelic, but I think it's pretty

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!


Minor nitpick: it's "monogamous."
I like the "Not Sorry" part.

Wow! Mazel Tov!