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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Meme, gacked from byob_kenobi:

Wearing: knit skirt, black yoga top, maroon sweatshirt, blue denim babushka

Hair: brown, curly, in ponytail under babushka, waist-length

Makeup: none

Jewelry: wedding ring, engagement ring, watch, turquoise and silver ring

Eating: nothing right now

Last phone call: my office, returning a call from today's receptionist.

In your purse: receipts, wallet, checkbook, pda in case, keys, Metrocard in holder, four-way stylus pen, mincha/maariv, Mussar book, carpal tunnel glove, two packages of bedikah cloths (one destined for cosmetic bag at home.)

In your cd player: Schlock Rock

Cell phone ring: standard

Desktop picture: nothing

Last watched on tv: Arthur

Last website visited: LiveJournal

Plans for today: Clean house, make nice dinner, write.

Last thing bought: Case for the pda

Listening to: Nothing right now.

Last showered: last night

Went to bed/woke up: 12:30/7:30

I need: a magically clean house for Passover

Looking forward to: ConnXions

Worst part of the day: waking up

Best part of the day: Eating dinner with my husband

Favorite person of the day: Jonathan

Thinking about: I really should be cleaning the house.

Current annoyance: that I can't find my flylady control journal

Current obsession: Passover