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Mama Deb

Pakua Diary 03/11/04

Sometime before I'd arrived, a woman ran into both a tree and a police car in front of the Pakua school.

No one was injured, but the woman's car looks totalled, and the unit didn't look all that much better.

This was a fun class. It was me, Ins. Yasmin and Penina. We ran around the dojo, and she's making us do push-ups and crunches, which is good.

Then Penina led the 24 and I struggled to remember punches and blocks, and Ins. Yasmine led the kicks, missing one.

Then we did free fighting. That was so much *fun*. First we did it alone - one person stood on the mat and fought as if being attacked on both sides. Then we were paired off, fighting each other while trying to stay out of range and out of corners.

Then came the really good part - SWORDS. Okay, not swords. Plastic baseball bats thrust into rectangles of foam rubber and covered with a sack. None too stable, either. But we could pretend...

First we blocked, using cushions as shields. After blocking the sword attack, attack back with hand or foot.

Then we did one step fighting, thrusting down with the sword. First we did it with just swords - the "victim" blocks the incoming sword and then hits the opponent in the neck. Then we did it with shields, to block the incoming sword and leaving the opponents neck free for attacking.

LOTS of fun.

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