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Mama Deb

Pakua Diary 3/12/2004

Two for the price of one, as I had two classes today.

First class was the normal "general" one - Instructor Dominique, Instructor Riki and me. It was a lot of fun and a great workout. I missed the running because it's *early*, darn it. Also because I wore real clothes instead of my uniform, and had to change.

Early = 9AM

Riki led the 24 movements. Then we did rolls and falls, but this time they led to floor kicks. As in, do front roll and before standing, do a floor kick - on hands and knees, kicking the front leg. Do a backroll, and before standing, do a sunkick - extend one leg and turn in that direction before standing. Do a sidefall, kick your legs up to stand and do a sun kick. Very fun, and now I shall have my Shabbos whiplash. Isn't Shabbos without it. :)

Dominique then showed us two instructor-level techniques - 45 degree fighting (step out at a 45 degree angle before kicking or whatever) and instructor level fighting position - instead of fists, we hold our hands open, like knife blades. We did one on one and two on two sparring using those techniques.

Then we did free fighting, again. I love free fighting, whether it's imaginary opponents on either side, or imaginary opponents on all sides, or real ones coming in. It's just a lot of fun - and more evidence my thinking has changed. I was just rereading Xanthe's "Subterfuge", and I found myself doing the fighting in my head - i could feel my arms and legs attacking and blocking. It wasn't even the techniques used in the story, but...


Then I stayed for the Instruction class, taught by Master Brian. Instructors Dominique and Riki also stayed, and we were joined by Instructors Ian and Gary. Master Brian taught the class if it were our very first ever - on purpose. I learned the proper way of teaching fighting position: stand straight, raise hands to chest level, with the flats of the fists touching. Move right fist and leg back as if drawing a bow.


He also showed us three techniques without either explaining them (apparently, that's a no-no) or saying what the belt level was. We had to guess in our reports. The first two involved grabbing and hitting, and that's yellow, and the third used a pressure point, which is orange. I don't know why explaining is a no-no. I asked in my report. No asking during classtime, either. I should have asked that, too.

And during the warm-up, we did leapfrog! Bear this in mind - I am short. I am clumsy. I am inflexible and can only jump so high and spread my legs so far. And two were men, which meant touching them.

I still managed to do it. I am amazed.

I liked the instruction class a lot. I may well keep taking them.

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