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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Housecleaning update:

As of yesterday, I have trashed out my bedroom, and my husband has done the same to the computer room. The public rooms were finished last week because we had guests for the Purim seudah.

That just leaves the kitchen to be made kosher for passover. Yes, that's the biggest job, but it's the only one.

This means I'm nice and relaxed and feeling no guilt. Yay.

In other news, we were talking about the new office at work. Which I will see two weeks after we move because I'm taking Passover off. Not out of principle, just that all of the holidays fall on workdays, and no way can I work the day before and there's not much point working the day after, although I might.

Anyway, the new office has two bathrooms, which is a major, major improvement over none, and it will also have a kitchen with a microwave and a fridge.

This means I get to bring leftovers to work, and I get to have hot food for lunch. And I get to eat it some place other than my desk. And maybe even daaven someplace other than a coffee house. This makes me very happy indeed.


I'm getting to the point where I'm taking things for granted again. You know, spring break is the two weeks over Passover; I don't have to take time off for the High Holy Days because school is closed. Stuff like that.

I read about your days and I realise I take the minyan at Mincha for granted too, and I think I need to be more grateful for that on a day to day basis.

For Passover, I'm packing the cat into the car, closing and locking up and selling the Chametz. The SoCal house will not be kashered this year. I have a feeling E will take advantage of the extra hands for the NoCal house, however, and I will not get off without kashering a kitchen in some way.

One year, I'd like to do sell the apartment and go away. Maybe in fifteen years or so we'll try that.

On the other hand, we now have floors instead of obstacle courses. This is a good thing.

I'm not so concerned about a minyan - I just want to be able to stand and face east in a reasonably quiet place instead of sitting on an old couch and trying not to hear the weird mixture on the sound system. I will say that having a siddur on my PDA is a major help.

But organizing days off - that's actually simple. My employers are both religious and understand what I need. And one is going to Israel for Pesach anyway. :)

I am SO jealous! I haven't started yet. The thought of the "P" word coming up is frightening and stressful and I'm hiding under my pretending it is not happening. If you are done, would you like to come over and do my apartment next? :)

Uh. No. :) One is more than enough, thank you. :)

Also, I'm early because I'm going to a convention the weekend before Pesach. Seriously. So I need the house done before then - I'll be back in time for bedikat chometz.

I so have not started on anything. Well, we did clean through most of the bookcases over the weekend, and drop out a whole lot of journals for recycling and an ever larger pile (piles) of books to be sold or recycled through friends.

And we started plans for the second day seder that we're holding.

Does that count?

Yes, it counts. It all counts. Going to do an aishet_sheretz post about the planning of s'dorim and meals, because that just makes things easier.

No sense going into battle without a battleplan, even if it won't survive contact with the enemy.

oy ...

not that i need to kasher my kitchen, because -- well, me -- but when is passover, exactly? if i'm going to have people over, now'd be a good time to start thinking about it ...

First night of Passover is Monday, April 5th. Remember, Jewish days start at nightfall the day before.

of course i remember. [thwaps mama gently][g]

hmm. monday night. ... doable. i think. [thinks]