Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Century City

Well, I *did*. Ioan Gruffudd is delectable as always, even with an "American" accent and a lack of long hair and tight pants.

But that's not why I liked it. (Honestly, I spent a lot of it playing with my new wireless PDA keyboard.) I liked it because this is the sort of science fiction I love - "let's look at current trends and see where it might lead us in a few years."

Which, of course, means that all of the issues covered in this episode are old hat to me - the legality of cloning at all, and then to create donor organs (hello, Lois McMaster Bujold); what happens when the need to stay young-looking meets the technology to make it actually happen (and they did a Futurama on that very thing) and the place of genetically engineered people in the greater society (done by both Heinlein and DS9.)

However, this is being marketed as a mainstream legal drama. The producers don't even see it as science fiction because of the lack of whizz bang special effects. And so a lot of these issues are being presented to the potential viewers for the first time, and as legal issues.

Example: What is your relationship to your clone? Parent? Sibling? LMB's universe uses the word "progenitor" for the general case, but allows the progenitor to choose how he/she relates. This series decided that the relationship should be sibling.

I found the youth plot silly - mostly because they so obviously used a stunt dancer for the former 80's boybander who refused to look other than his age. And the genetically engineered associate is a long term plot, so we need to see how it unfolds.

The series has potential, I think, but they need to read more sf. We've been dealing with these issues for years in the literature.

And, of course. Ioan Gruffud. Yummy.
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