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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Evil Classics

Thanks to daegaer, I found the page I've been looking for.

Evil Classics.

Beware of these writers, for they may encourage imagination in your children and maybe even drive them to writing.

Or something.


Wow. I really want to go home and read Little Women now. And obviously I've been missing something important only owning the first three Anne books...

Gack. I am glad there aren't as many of those people as they'd liek everyone to believe.

I don't want to know what they'd think of Alice in Wonderland or Roald Dahl books...

I'm going to use the Lord's name in vain here: Oh my God!

Don't worry. There's enough sex and violence in the Bible to keep their kids busy. Ever read Judges 19? Who needs secular porn when they can read about a man cutting his concubine into pieces?

Ever read Judges 19?

Or the Song of Solomen. Now that is erotica!

But Louisa May Alcott for crying out loud? Her books are blatant Victorian morality fables!

The only character in the Little Women/Little Men/Jo's Boys story arc who's anything approaching a real rebel against the common morality ends up dying of some disease he caught in prison, for crying out loud!

Y'know, I tried -- really tried -- to follow this. I even clicked on the link for Ms. Alcott, and tried to follow that down.

To quote Dorothy Parker, "Tonstant Weader fwowed up."

I really thought it was a put on as it attacked such unlikely targets. It brings to mind Tom Lehrer's Smut: "I could tell you things about Peter Pan/And the Wizard of Oz, there's a dirty old man." It's totally off the deep end, and could be used as is as parody of the xtn extremist genre. I followed various links to recommended historical readings, and found that this page has to be the product of a real wack, even within xtn extremism. Waldensians and Albigensians as these guy's spiritual fathers, forsooth! Oh boy, there's more weird historical interpretation in these book descriptions alone to keep my busy for weeks.

More to the point, this would be a lot more funny if it weren't so scary. It's healthy to be reminded that there are people like this in the real world.

Nod. I've read this page before - it's completely reactionary. These people believe that women shouldn't even *vote*.