Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Happiness is an empty in box

The secret for me to keep on track and *finish* my work seems to be, "You can't play on LJ until you finish so many listings."

In other randomness:

One thing I haven't seen in all the various Lunacon reports is mention of one minor but amusing thing:

The convention posted notices all over the hotel saying "New York State Law prohibits smoking in all public area's". Yes. "Area's".

I reacted to my first sight of those notices in pain and horror. I apparently wasn't alone, because by Friday evening, all the apostrophes had been crossed out. Some signs were also amended with words like "boundaries" or "vicinities".

By Saturday afternoon, someone added his/her *own* signs below the notices stating that "Extra apostrophes (ie, "area's") is prohibited by the English language."

Others then corrected some of *those* to "eg", although that's actually a judgement call.

SF fans - editors all. :)

eta that the added signs said "are prohibited". Sorry.
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