Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Dinner weirdnesses

I was going to make a turkey stew for dinner last Friday, but instead I went to Lunacon. The aborted dinner is still in my fridge.

Monday night, I was going to make a tofu/green bean/mushroom stirfry. Except that the local kosher supermarket did not have tofu because it's not made kosher for passover, and they're pretty much changing over to Passover mode now. So I made eggs and Israeli salad instead. I bought the tofu on Tuesday in a bodega in Park Slope instead, and made it for that night's dinner.

This is unusual because normally my husband has a Talmud class on Tuesdays in Manhattan. He eats dinner by his parents and then goes to the class. Which means I never cook dinner on Tuesdays. Except that his class has been canceled until after Passover - presumably because his teacher's son is being bar mitzvah'd this Shabbos. We're going to the lunch, not the leining. We have another bar mitzvah that takes precedence, since we went to the boy's bris, and hope to go to his wedding when the time comes. They're not having a lunch, but a big party on Sunday night. Which means I miss the belt ceremony and won't get my grey belt for a couple more days.

Anyway, the plan for tonight was to make spaghetti in meat sauce. This would get rid of some pasta. And I stopped off before coming home to buy the ingredients and to have a snack because I probably wouldn't be eating until 8:30. Snack was wonton soup and an eggroll. Fleishig.

And I get home and am about to fill a pot with water when my husband calls and the next thing I know, I'm waiting for a bus to take me to a *dairy* restaurant called Al Dente, because it's zsero's birthday.

Fortunately, we only wait an hour between meat and dairy. Otherwise, I'd have been questioning the waitress closely for pareve offerings. The food was quite good - a selection of appetizers, including an avocado eggroll and an artichoke/spinach/cheese dip, plus I had cheese ravioli.

Tomorrow night - pasta in meat sauce. Friday - turkey stew. With fresh turkey.


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