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Harry Potter Meme

Snagged from fernwithy

Have you actually read the books?: Is that a trick question? Yes, several times.

...All of them, including the Quidditch one and the schoolbook of Harry's?: Yes.

Have you seen both movies?: Yeah.

Do you own both movies as well as all 7 current books?: Yes.

Do you even LIKE Harry Potter?: Yes.

Who's your favourite character?: Hermione.

Who's your least favourite?: Winky

Who's the one you wish you could gouge their eyes out with a spork?: Umbridge.

Who's dead that you wish you could bring back to life?:

What's your favourite couple?: I'm a Ron/Hermione shipper for canon. My fanfic OTP is Harry/Draco

What's your least favourite couple?: Harry/Hermione

Do you read Harry Potter fanfiction?: Yes

Do you write Harry Potter fanfiction?: Yes

What's the weirdest Harry Potter couple you can think of?:
There are too many to even think about. Dumbledore/Giant Squid

Do you like the books better than the movies?: Yes.

Or do you like the movies better than the books?: See above.

Did you sit there and hate the movies at first?: No.

Did you pick apart the movies, finding all the errors?:
Doesn't everyone?

Did the movies seem a little better with repeated viewings?: Yes.

Did your friend smack you upside the head and tell you to get over it?: Nope.

Do you think Harry will die in the end?:
I think it's dramatically possible.

Can you recite the names, nicknames, and animagi forms of the Marauders?: Yes.

Do you go through things and pick out all the misspelled names?: Doesn't everyone?

And then do people get annoyed 'cuz you corrected them?:
I don't do it outside my head.

Did you know how to pronounce Hermione before the 4th book/1st movie?: Yes.

Do you hate Harry or love Harry?: Love Harry.

Do you despise Umbridge?: Who doesn't?

Do you despise JK with a passion for the end of book 5?:
I thought OotP was brilliant.

Do you know what the J.K in J.K. Rowling stands for?: I know it's Joanne, but I thought she just added the K.

Can you name all the Weasley children in order from oldest to youngest?: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred/George, Ron, Ginny

This or That...

Draco or Harry?: Both

Draco and Ginny or Draco and Hermione?: Neither

Harry and Hermione or Ron and Hermione?: Ron and Hermione.

Draco AND Harry or RON and Harry?:Draco/Harry. Ron is straight.

Lord Voldemort or Albus Dumbledore?: Dumbledore

Severus Snape or Sybil Trelawny?: Snape

James or Lily?: I want to know about Lily.
Petunia or Lily?: Lily.

Vernon or James?: James.

Petunia and Vernon or Lily and James?: Lily and James.

Hogwarts or Beauxbatons?: Hogwarts... duh.

Wizard or Witch?: I'd be a witch.
Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade?: Diagon Alley. It's in *London*

The Three Broomsticks or Hog's Head?: Leaky Cauldron

Quidditch or studying?: Studying

Potions or Transfiguration?: Transfiguration

Charms or Defense Against the Dark Arts?: Defense Against the Dark Arts... at least during year three... :)

House Traits...

Are you brave?: I can be.

Are you intelligent?: Yes

Are you loyal?: I'd like to think so.

Are you sly?: Nope.

Are you ambitious?: Nope

Are you sneaky?: Nope.

Are you bold?: Nope

Are you witty?: Yes (or so I'm told.)

Are you courageous?: See above re: brave.

Which house do you think you'd be in?: Ravenclaw


1. What is your favorite Fandom?

Not a fair question for someone with over a dozen.

2. What fandom crossovers, if any, do you like to see in your fanfic?

Ones that work.

3. What are your favorite pairings and why?

Harry/Draco - it's that loving enemies thing.
Harry/Neville - they just fit together.
Snape/Lupin - I think they'd be good for each other.
Ron/Hermione - canon

These next questions are Harry Potter slash specific:
4. Which pairing do you prefer to read?
Harry/Draco, Harry/Neville, Snape/Lupin. I'll also read Snape/Harry.

(I'm assuming it breaks away from slash here?)
5. At Hogwarts or post Hogwarts?
6. What professions do you like to see your pair in and which do you hate?

I can't see Harry and Draco post Hogwarts. Harry/Neville - Harry's a born teacher. Neville - he's an auror and a powerful one.

7. What kinks do you like to see in fics?
I've discovered I have a major Draco-on-bottom button.

8. What totally squicks you?

Parent/child incest.

9. Are you a happy ending person?
I'm an appropriate ending person. I like happy endings, but sometimes they don't work.

10. Hurt/comfort, angst, romance, AU. What is your favorite category/type of fic?

11. Describe the ultimate fic, how it makes you feel, what it must have, etc.

No such animal.

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