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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Playing catchup on my flist. Because today was the day they moved the computers and the phones to the new office.

The new office, btw, is very nice. The walls are a lovely turquoise with deep orange floor tiles and corian counters. My boss has excellent taste, and she's created a comfortable and pleasant office. It's a smaller main space, so instead of individual desks, there are work stations along a counter that lines three sides of the main area, with a wooden filing cabinet underneath that also supports the cpu. In my case, though, I have a real desk. It's smaller than my old one, bu that's okay. Among other things, it has cpu storage, and there's room for my purse next to it.

I've hated having my purse on the floor under my desk.

Anyway, I learned all this at about 3:30 today. I spent the balance of the day in the old office, packing up my old desk and just being there - waiting for my cell phone to ring with instructions from my boss to call someone.

Good thing I brought a very large and good novel with me - the Liaden series by Lee and Miller. And had fic on my pda.

Tomorrow, I go straight to the new office. With luck, our phones and dsl will be functional.

Sekrit message to hakainokami: I'll get the story tomorrow, if I can.


if you haven't already read them, I highly recommend *all* of the Liaden novels. it's a fantastic series, and well worth searching out at your library. I own copies of all, and love rereading them at least once a year.

Sekrit message reply: I'll be happy even if it takes you a month to have time for it. Thank You so much!(also tommorow I am in an ambulance all day, which they haven't thoughtfully hooked up with wireless, so I am stuck being patient.) I should be in bed 'cause its 4am, but I made the mistake of opening up the new Patricia McKillip book I got and now its done and its 4am. Hope you all have a good day in your new office!

Is it evil to admit that I bought a Palm just to have something to read and write fic that is easy to up/download to the computer with?

And of course, the Liaden series isn't available at the local library.