Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pakua Diary April 1, 2004

I got my belt today.

I knew I was when I saw the grin on now *Master* Dominique's face, and the shopping bag tucked in the corner.
Also, I expected it since I had to miss the belt ceremony on Sunday night.

The class was there - Instructors Yasmine, Judith and Riki. Master Dominique led us through the 24 movements, where I had a minor breakthrough.

See, one of the twenty-four movements is this: you sit on the floor, legs spread as widely as possible, hands on thighs. The command is to put the right foot back - bending the knee until it's next to the hip and pointing backwards. I put it in front, with the foot next to the other knee.

Today, I noticed how wide my legs were spread, and so I attempted to do that movement correctly. And I. Didn't, but I came close. Which means I can now work to doing it right.

Then we did one on one sparring, stepping forward at a 45 degree angle.

And then. Then Master Dominique handed out blue stripes to the other women in the class, and a grey belt to me. And she said lovely things about energy and determination and dedication and I blushed madly and buried my face in my hands, and my classmates thought I was crying.

Then we did a series of rolls and falls on the grey belt level - front roll to back roll to sun kick to front fall, to sideroll to pushup position to turn in push-up position to front roll to side fall kick to side fall squat to side kick rolling over to side fall to slide to spiral roll. And I can define these, but suffice it to say I managed to approximate all of them, but few of them perfectly.

And we built our way to them - she showed us to a certain point. When we all performed, she then showed us to another point, and then from the begining, and then we repeated from the begining to the new end.

The third or fourth time, I wanged my shoulder on the initial front roll and it's still quite painful And I'm doing Pesach cleaning. But it was fun anway.

And I'll be in pain this weekend, too. :(. Still worth it.

We finished with shadow movements and hugs.

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