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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

It is *done*. My kitchen is now kosher for passover. My oven is clean. I've also run it for two hours at high heat. I scrubbed my stove grates, turned them over and heated them until they glowed. And then I covered the stove with aluminum foil. Extra-heavy foil. My counters were scrubbed and covered with more foil. This foil is extremely heavy and the edges are sharp. *Displays left hand, still rather bloody and festooned with bandaids*

I'd use shelf-paper but my formica is old and the glue absorbs and has to be scrubbed out. I'd use plastic countertops, but those have to be stored and I have no place to store them. So, foil it is.

My fridge and freezer have been emptied of chometz, cleaned and lined. My cupboards and drawers either have been emptied, relined and filled with pesach stuff or will be locked closed. My sink was scrubbed and we poured boiling water over it. (It's stainless steel. Had it been made of any other substance, I'd have had to have put in a plastic Pesach sink or lined it some other way.) I have a folding table I keep in the kitchen. It's very useful. I scrubbed it and I covered it with a tablecloth.

The floor needs to be washed and the rest of the house needs to be straightened up and the dining room table needs to be cleared, the pads put on and a clean tablecloth laid on top. I'm trusting in Jonathan to do that. The microwave is clean, and I'll kasher it on Sunday when I come home from the con.

I need to pack for the con. I'll do that in the morning, I think. I already have my nonperishable supplied packed in my food bag.

I am exhausted.

Current Mood: gloomyexhausted

I am exhausted.

I'm exhausted just reading it! Man, this kosher stuff sure ain't for sissies ...

Oh, they exist. They just go *away* for all of Pesach, or hire help.

I keep planning to do that last, and never managing it.

I use lightweight linoleum for my counters....this way, it just rolls up for storage. Also, I can cut directly on it, put hot things on it, get it really wet and wash the whole thing down without worrying about making holes anywhere.

Good plastic contact paper does that, but I'm afraid to use it on my counters here. EXcept for the hot stuff, I mean.

Think that's available in Brooklyn?

try home depot

Next year. It's a real thought.

When magid was down a hand due to injury, I helped her cover her countertops and line her sink; we used plastic disposable tablecloths, held together with packing tape.

Will not be covering countertops myself this year, but Professional Cleaners are coming today, in the name of sanity.

Sanity. I've heard of that. It would not entail staying up until 1PM because you have a con the next day...


See, aside from the theological/philosophical reasons that I chose not to be O,
the bottom line is that *I am too damned lazy for all this work.*

I'm cleaning out the cabinets and getting rid of the chometz, and we're doing a very thorough vaccuuming on Sunday. Maybe I'll clean the oven, but I doubt it.

I stand amazed and shamed at your diligence.

Diligence? I just want to be able to eat in my own house.

It's also the one time the kitchen gets a really thorough cleaning because, well.

Lazy. :)

Congratulations. (I somehow missed that in the midst of all the pre-Pesach stuff you're also trying to go to a con. Have fun!)

Do you have to use the adhesive on the contact paper, or could you just tape it down? (This is obviously a thought for next year, to save you the band-aid experience. Too late for this year.)

Oh, and hiring cleaners for this job is so worth it, if you can afford it.