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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I am officially giving up. I didn't manage to catch up on my flist on Sunday night/Monday after the convention and then I had two days of yom tov.

If I've missed anything of importance, let me know.


You have to go take my passover pointless poll, which I posted too late in the day to catch the really observant Jews.

Tell us about your Seders! Mine was pretty good, though we need to adjust our Hagaddah to actually address the needs of the Youngest Child a bit better. We had a really excellent kosher Spanish Rioja -- take that! Ferdinand & Isabelle.

The cat has a new nickname.: Elijah. "Open the door for Elijah. Close the door for Elijah. Open the door again for Elijah . . ."

There *is* a problem with timing, isn't there?

But then, I'm kinda feeling out of touch. Entire challenges have come and gone while I was incommunicado.

I'll post about the yom tov after I come back from shopping.

There are excellent full-text haggadot designed for younger children.

Not in my journal, I was busy cleaning the house, and after that, the same two-days-of-yom-tov-finally-some-sleep goodness. :O