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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

It seems we have invitations for lunch on Shabbat and both days of Yom Tov. This makes my meal planning very simple indeed - I am making pot roast for tonight's dinner. I will certainly have enough leftover for Sunday night, and I will make chicken breast filet on Monday night.

I do need to do a little shopping on Sunday for mushrooms for a side dish on Sunday, but farfel kugel is extremely easy to make.

I've been remiss on my hospitality this yom tov. I shall have to make it up for Shavuot and for next Pesach.


We make the matzoh kugel every year, and every year we forget how to do it. (We means my mother and I. My father's contribution is pulling the bag of gizzards out of the turkey, and coring the cabbage if we're making stuffed cabbage. My sister shows up in time to eat. Sometimes. This year she was in Florida, sitting on the beach with her ex-sister-in-law). My mom calls it hit and miss (the kugel), and we usually get it right.