Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pakua Diary 4/09/04


I arrived late, but Instructor Riki arrived later. We had time to do that series of rolls and falls again, once each, and then to do some free fighting. That last was fun. Riki is a "sky" fighter, so I just kept close to her, and eventually, I managed to flip her.

And I managed to do nine regular push ups! Yay, me.

Friday General Class

Everyone arrived late. :)

Instructor Riki did the 24, I did blocks and punches and then we learned some lock techniques - one called a "submission hold". Yeah. :)

If you do it right and without intent to harm the opponent, you end up kneeling on the floor, with your opponent utterly helpless on both knees, her head on the mat. You do it with intent to hurt, the opponent is left with a broken arm. You, however, have done a forward roll away.

After that, Master Dominique showed us some balance moves. And advised us to give up meat. Not that she has.

Friday Instructon Class

Riki left, Instructor Gary came in. We ran and did about one hundred pushups. I did ten the hard way, the rest on my knees.

Then we had verbal instruction on why there is a fee structure and what is necessary for advancement.

Then we did some pressure point techniques. Because Master Brian is injured, he couldn't work with us, but I'm not doing any technique that requires touching with a man, and Brian respects that. So we took turns working with Dominique. Which means I only got one chance to do the final technique, because neither Dominique nor Gary could get it.

I got it right. :)

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