Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


Okay. It's confirmed now. I am addicted to HP rpg communities. I'm currently following four of them. I have a special bookmark folder just for them and their associated communities and friendslists. I spend hours reading back reading them, looking for plotlines, going through the player journals just to see what I missed while looking through the main communitie's archive.

Three are at Hogwarts, played against the war on the outside, one takes place in 2004 and they're aged appropriately.

In all of them, Harry is gay. Which is probably not a shock, except he *wasn't* when I started reading one. But I wouldn't read a slash-unfriendly rpg, anyway.

I feel like I'm reading the later books, the ones that haven't been written, and they're all different. It's being given more HP and they don't end like the books do. And they may focus on other characters besides the Trio, or we see aspects of *them* we don't see in the books. And it's fun.

So. Current obsessions: seen_unforeseen, hp_dungeons, this_is_now, which has the rather annoying thing of not having friended itself and seems to lack a fan community - if there is one, please tell me, and the one that began my addiction, nocturne_alley.

I don't agree with all the charaterizations, but that doesn't seem to matter.

Are there others? I want slash friendly and ongoing.

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