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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Kitniyot! Yum!

I have my kitchen back to normal today, and my husband requested tofu for dinner, since we've been eating meat for several days straight.

Tofu is kitniyot - made from legumes, which Ashkenazi Jews are forbidden to eat during Pesach. Kitniyot are things made from seeds or beans that could be made into a a flourlike substance. That's all beans and peanuts (although there's a disagreement about peanuts), seeds such as cumin and mustard, plus rice and corn. And, for some reason, kasha.

Pesach wasn't difficult enough, obviously, although I *am* grateful I don't have to check rice.

Anyway. Tonight's dinner was tofu with green beans and mushrooms over brown rice. And, of course, I used soy sauce and sesame oil and hot peppers to season it it. It was so good.

I haven't replaced my vegetable oil yet, so I used olive oil. I heated that up and added two microplaned cloves of garlic and a lot of ground ginger. I know, I know, but I forgot to buy the fresh stuff. I also added chopped celery. Then I put in pre-sliced shiitake mushrooms and about two handfuls of green beans that I'd prepared by breaking off the tips and then breaking the beans in half. At this point, my husband came home with fresh ginger, so I grated about an inch of that in. I also tossed in the red pepper flakes, some light soy sauce and some sesame oil. Then I added a touch more. I then diced a package of extra-firm tofu and put that in, and added a bit of water so things would steam a little. When the beans were cooked, I served it over brown rice I'd cooked in my rice cooker.

It was mildly spicy and very yum.


We actually made a joke about potatoes and the Rabbinate at our seder last week. Only Eastern European Jews in the 19th century would have thought of potatoes as a green vegetable.

But what a horror Pesach would be if we weren't allowed potato related items at our tables!

Wasn't kasha some kind of buckwheat? I always thought that was a regular grain from some grass. Though the buckwheat breads sold here always have wheat in them also, I guess it's not too great in its baking properties on its own. Though at least you can make proper flour out of buckwheat, I have trouble imagining flour made from peanuts...

The entire concept of kitniyot annoys me.

Tofu Dish

Sounds delicious. One of my favorite dishes is Ailsa's General Gau's Tofu.