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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Arrgh! Dial-up!

We do not have broadband of any sort in my office. I'm here on *dial-up*. Which means I'm sitting at a different desk, and dare not pick up the phone because it's the one attacked to the modem. And I'm entering two weeks' worth of listings this way.


They're looking into getting cable soon. Please.


Oh noooooo! (Having been consigned to the agonies of dial-up over the weekend, I *feel* your pain. Or, at least, I felt it on Saturday.)

Your company can really save money with broadband.

If you need any information on how much productivity the company can save with cable you should contact your cable provider. They will be more than happy to put together a package for you. Furthermore, if done correctly you will only need one cable modem. You can connect all of your office machines through a "hub" or "router". These can be stacked as more employees connect their machines to the outside(www). This will create your own local area network (LAN). You can get a firewall for very cheap that will protect your company from outside intrusion over your LAN.

This is very safe and doable for a small office of 2 to 15 machines.

Re: Your company can really save money with broadband.

They had such a small office network attached to DSL through a hub in the old office. They just moved, DSL takes a month to activate.