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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

My landlady just had the house appraised.

I work in a real estate office. I know what that probably means (probably because she could also be doing it for insurance or tax reasons).

If she's thinking of selling, we have to start thinking of buying something. Not this house, unless it's in our price range (although wouldn't that be nice? She has a gorgeous kitchen.) but a house or a condominium. But buying because I'm tired of living at the whim of someone else. We've been thinking along those lines anyway. And our lease is up in September. Which might be enough time.

So. What would be the first step?


What they all said.
Except a couple other things. She could have been having it appraised to refinance or to take out an equity loan. We've had our house appraised several times since Seth bought it 4 years ago.
Second, I think NY law will be the same as what I'm familiar with which means that you'd have the "right of first refusal" which basically means that you get to decide if you want to buy before anyone else does. You never know, it might turn out that it IS in your price range.