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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

My landlady just had the house appraised.

I work in a real estate office. I know what that probably means (probably because she could also be doing it for insurance or tax reasons).

If she's thinking of selling, we have to start thinking of buying something. Not this house, unless it's in our price range (although wouldn't that be nice? She has a gorgeous kitchen.) but a house or a condominium. But buying because I'm tired of living at the whim of someone else. We've been thinking along those lines anyway. And our lease is up in September. Which might be enough time.

So. What would be the first step?


If she's selling, we need to find a place before this house changes hands

But aren't you in a multi-unit building? (Remembering the comment about your tub supposedly leaking into her place.) Or are you afraid the new landlord won't be willing to renew the lease?

> we need to find a place when our lease is over
> or negotiate a month-to-month or break it.

You shouldn't have to break it; just write into your offer that you need to close by (date lease expires).

If you're going from a house to another house, you can afford to take the time.

Well, the first time, I was going from a rental in a two-flat to a house, but I didn't have to worry about my lease not being renewed. I ended up closing about 6 weeks before my lease ran out, so I had plenty of time to shift my stuff (and rip out carpet in the new place).

Still, if you're meant to move, your house will find you. I expected to have to look for months to find another one, and this one turned up, practically on my doorstep, in 2 months.

I will Think Good Thought for your search.

We live in a two-family. It's considered a private house.