Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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Smallville thoughts

Lionel Luther as sexually abusing Lex -

Yes, I've played with the idea in my own fic, and we all cringe when Lionel touches Lex. Or Clark, for that matter, but I've never thought of it as more than fanon. It's a common enough idea in any fandom with a father we hate - XFiles, Harry Potter, The Sentinel to some degree, the fanon view of Tom Paris' father the admiral, and you don't get a worse father than Lionel, so it makes sense.

But after this last episode, I can believe it. We have confirmation that Lionel is a sociopath, a man willing to kill his parents for the insurance money, and not seeing anything wrong with that. This is a man who does not know or care about right and wrong. Okay, we probably could have figured that out from other things he's done - not least being consigning his younger son to an upbringing that makes Harry Potter's look idyllic.

This is a man whom I can believe would use a child sexually without guilt or remorse.

But there are two sides to that, and Lex provided the other. His prime motivation? To get his father to love him. He knows right from wrong, broken though he is. He knows what the right things are, even if he isn't sure how to to do them. This keeps him, for the moment, from doing things blatantly wrong. Yes, I think that can change. :(

But a twelve year old boy who has just lost his mother? If Lionel's having sex with him would get him a moment or two of affection, he'd let him do it.

This still doesn't mean it happened. Lionel may well have no sexual interest in twelve year old boys and he already had the boy under his control. But after this episode, I think it's possible. And it's scary.

As for Chloe - what she did was terrible. I'm not trying to defend her. Much. But she didn't mean to "out" the football player. She was as surprised as everyone else at his answer. She was, however, trying to stir up trouble between him and his girlfriend.

What Chloe had was a wonderful, new shiny *toy*. And it's the greatest toy ever - it's a gift to a journalist. People can't hide from her anymore, unless they physically hide. And she doesn't have to dig or investigate. They just *tell* her. That's intoxicating. And that's exactly how she acted - giddy and drunk with this ability.

And she ruined the life and career of a fine teacher and tore about her family. She probably caused a great deal of hurt to that football player, and probably to the young man of his affections even if he doesn't return them. She hurt that cheerleader (and is it such a big revelation that it's hard to cheer for a losing team?). And she herself...

No one was helped by this truth. No one at all.

Blink. Blink. Blink.

Was that the message of the episode? That truth is bad and some secrets (powers, homosexuality, honest feelings, something done years in the past) should be kept?

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