Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Still no broadband at work.

Today, I not only reformated and retyped the sales key list, I also retyped the receipt because it looked yucky and was a nth generation copy and used the old letter head.

Not because anyone asked me to do it, but because I was bored. I was so bored I was hoping my boss would ask me to do the paperwork he was mired in.

And it's not (just) that I can't get on LJ or TWoP or read fic. It's that I can't do my real work, which is piling up high and deep. At this rate, the rentals will be rented before I get to enter them. At this rate, the *sales* will be sold...

On the other hand, I do love the new office. I like my compact desk. I like the door that buzzes when people come in. I like having a working bathroom. Oh, do I like having a working bathroom.

And I love the kitchen. When I started taking sandwiches for lunch, it was never enough. I'd be starving at the end of the day, and miserable. And I'd have to eat it at my desk, which meant phone calls and work and you can't imagine how hard it was to wash for bread and then say the grace afterwards. And then we had no water.

Now, though. Now I can go downstairs to the kitchen. And I can have real leftovers and heat them in the microwave, and if I do have bread, I can wash right there and since I don't have worry about phone calls, I can say grace easily. And I can daaven properly. And I don't have to have bread. I can have curried chicken and rice, or burgers and broccoli and noodles. And eat them with a fork. And have the right amount so I'm not starving at 5PM.

I don't get to leave the office, but it's a good tradeoff, imho.

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