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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Go to penknife's journal. If you haven't read it elsewhere.

Your views on gay marriage rights may differ from mine, but this is not about gay marriage rights.

This is about taking away rights that already exist. This is about a government telling a not inconsiderable group of its citizens (and taxpayers) that they do not have the right to decide who should raise their children, who should own their property with them, who should have the right to take care of them in sickness or old age or who should receive their property after they die. This does not protect heterosexual marriage, which needs no protection.

This is a government telling a group of its citizens "convert or leave."

And doesn't that sound familiar? Is the next step, I wonder, registration or simply confiscating the property of those who choose to leave?

And does Virginia know what happens to states that practise expulsion? What happens when a large group of professionals and artists and just plain people who contribute economically to the state leave? This is not just horrible and wrong, it's *stupid*.

Don't Support Virginia

If you smoke cigarettes, then you better quit. Because, almost all of the tabacco for sale in the USA is processed in VA. Most of it is grown in the states surrounding VA - a lot is grown in MD, but it is shipped to VA for processing. You can buy foreign cigarettes, but some of them are actually processed and packaged here. You will need to got to a tobacco shop and verify where your cigarettes are being "built".

I think that this legislation will fuel enough controversy so that the US Supreme court will have to view it. That may be a good thing, but then again it may not. It is quite possible that the US supreme court will side with VA and do even more harm to inclusive politically correct thought. I mean the United States of America WAS founded by very narrow-minded Christians.

Re: Don't Support Virginia

the United States of America WAS founded by very narrow-minded Christians.

Um, no. Two ways.

Many of those now held to be Founding Fathers were nominally Christian, but expressed significantly more liberal views and were commonly considered to be Deist.

And there were plenty of Christians, per se, who had themselves fled from intolerance and learned from the experience. (Sure, there were some who fled and learned only the lesson of Might Makes Right; fortunately, until the installation of the current so-called President, they didn't have the power and the will and the mass of sheep citizenry to do much about it.)

Not to mention the altogether non-Christians -- Jews, for example (in Rhode Island and New York, plus I'm sure, other places) -- who were early citizens.

Now, if we COULD blight tobacco, I wouldn't cry too long, either.