Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Spoilers for Memoria

I do that so well.

Mothers. We don't see a lot of them on Smallville, except for Martha. Lex and Lana's are dead, and Chloe's abandoned her and Judge Ross showed up once. If they do show up, they're going to be killed by their kryptomutant kids.

This week was about mothers. And about love and what a mother will do for love. Lara gave up her son so that he'd have a chance to live and there was nothing but love in that act. Martha took that son in and made him her own.

Lillian killed Julian in an attempt to save him. Which means, box scene or no box scene (and, yes, it had me sniffling. Lionel was being kind, being *good*), and as Lillian stated flat out, Lionel was already "shaping" (in other words, emotionally abusing) Lex. The difference was, before Julian was killed, Lionel could temper his shaping with at least the appearance of love. Afterwards, he could only see his son the murderer and the love went away, leaving only the cruelty.

Interesting thing given that he killed his own parents.

And no wonder Lex had a psychotic break - he convinced himself that he killed his baby brother. And what a load that would be to carry. I cried that entire scene.

And I didn't want to believe it, but I did. And I didn't feel any relief when it turned out to be his mother because his load didn't get any lighter.

Lara gave up her son. Martha would have found a way to keep both boys out of her husband's reach. Lillian did the only thing she believed she could and maybe Julian was happy, but she sentenced Lex to a lifetime of damage.

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