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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

We have cable! I can do actual work!



whoo hoo!

It would be. But I'm having a major headache right now. My face hurts, so it probably sinus. Not that I'm any less nauseated.

And when I close my eyes, I want to go to sleep.


I had lunch - my own homemeade meatball soup - and that helped clear my sinuses. And my boss asked me to walk to a local lawyer's office in the nice, cool drizzle.

I feel almost human. :)

i'm just going around LJ
wishing everyone a good week!
smile! you're loved by a gitty!

Picture an enormous smile on my face, because that's what I have right now.

It's nice being loved by a gitty.

if you moved next door i could love you even more :p

Sorry, sweetheart. I love Brooklyn, and my husband's job is in New York.

i know...i'm hoping maybe you guys will forget or somethiing :)