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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]


Dear the Agents in the office:

No, we do not have the internet hooked up. Yes, I know we had it up yesterday, but we don't have it up today. That's because the provider and the office are all confused as to the necessity of routers, servers and static vs. dynamic IP addresses. Which is why my computer (aka the server, which someone renamed while I was away and I don't know why) can't tell the printer to print. Yours will print. No, it won't go on the internet. But it will print. Cherish the printing.

No, I won't define those terms. I've tried.

No, we do not have internet hooked up. That means I can neither enter listings nor update them. Nope, credit reports are right out. Also, you asked that an hour ago. Yes, the guy was here, but he made it worse. No, I don't know when it will be up. No, it probably won't be today. Maybe tomorrow. No, I didn't ask the guy when he'd be back because I didn't know everything was all confused.

Because I don't know everything because no one tells me anything. And my mindreading is really bad.

Yes, I know it's hard for you to work without the internet. I don't understand that, since three years ago we functioned fine with almost no computers at all, but hey. I can't do half my job at all. So I'm bored.

No, I'm not bored now. That's because the only time anyone has something for me to do, everyone has something for me to do. And the phone is ringing. And it's for our other broker who is in a different office today. Which is where she goes every Tuesday and today is Tuesday. Yes, I'm good at multitasking, but there are limits.

Yes, we are still without internet. I wish I could magic it up, but I can't.

Yes, I'm tired and cranky and feel like everyone thinks it's my responsibilty to have the computers running (which they are, but they're not online. There really is a difference, folks.) So I'm making an effort not to bite your head off.

No, the Internet is still unreachable.

Your Secretary


I'm sorry that you had such a fun day...

Just think of all the other companies who were keeping you company today - Verizon DSL was out all over the Northeast. So noone could do anything today. I don't know if it is back on, but I'm glad we have cable at home :)

Also known as: Why I am so glad I don't work in an office anymore. My favorites were always the people we owed money to. Sorry you had such a bad day.

DEFINITELY know the feeling

As the point-person for a medical university's academic (as opposed to clinic) office, I can definitely sympathize. Research study subjects calling for a check they know in advance won't be coming for at least another 2-3 weeks, clinic patients with questions I am in no way qualified to answer, co-workers with their saccharine smiles and "could you do this for me--NOW," vendors wanting their invoices paid right this instant, a shared requisition log that I sometimes have to fight my supervisor to get into, both live and recorded telemarketers (you'd think the State of Texas would put ITSELF on the do-not-call list...), phonesphonesphones, nagnagnag, all the noisenoisenoise! (insert Grinch imitation here)

Oh, yes. DEFINITELY sympathize.