Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


I bought *clothes*. Major, serious clothes. (Sorry, jonbaker.

To be precise, I bought (40% off, so good deal), two suits. One is summerish and more casual - a lightweight, tweedy purple two piece I can wear over one of my sleeveless t's. It's good for my synagogue and for the dinner I'm going to this Sunday, where "Shul" clothes are the norm.

The other is a fancy navy blue job with a longish jacket that hits me at my thighs (and that the saleslady made me promise to move the buttons about an inch *out* so it fits me a little more closely.) It comes with a dickey in the same material to fill the neckline, but I think a beige shell would also work. It's also a classic enough style that I'll be able to wear it for years. And it's suitable for fancier dinners and any wedding or bar mitzvah or "vort" that might come my way, or for Shavuot (might save it for Shavuot), or if I just want to be more "dressed" for Shabbat.

And with these I will always have clothes for Shabbos. I have real, serious clothes in my closet. Isn't that amazing?

Oh, and for anyone of you who are in a position to see and are more observant, fashionwise, than I am - Am I right in my impression that women are wearing more tichels than snoods lately? I seem to be seeing a lot more pretty scarves than I have in a long time. Given that you can get prints and nicer colors and can do more things with them, it wouldn't surprise me.

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