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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
When you're a slasher, the whole world is gay

Or something.

I'm reading Jane Austen, because I love Jane Austen and because her books are all in the public domain so I can get them for free for my Palm.

And, being the slasher I am, I'm *seeing* things I'm sure dear Jane never intended.

Right now, I'm nearly at the end of Mansfield Park. This is one of my favorite of her novels, even if I do *not* like how passive Fanny Price is. I think part of it is Mrs. Norris, who is would get along just fine with Umbridge (and, for all I know, *did* in her incarnation as Filch's cat.) I mean, if she'd married Henry Crawford instead of her cousin, a lot of tsouris would have been avoided.

On the other hand, I got a slash story out of it a few years ago.

It's not very good, but it's here. No, it's not Darcy/Bingley, but that's because I couldn't do that to Elizabeth. Anything between them would have to have ended before they'd come to Netherfield. Also because Bingley is unslashable, imho.

The pairing here come from Persuasion and Mansfield Park. And I think it works. And I'm thinking of it now as I read the novels.

I'm sure dear Miss Austen is turning in her grave. Or now. :)


ever thought about taking up literary theory?

there are certain schools of thought that read a LOT of characters in a LOT of books as gay. lots. :)

I hate to comment before I've had a chance to read the story (I will! bli nedar! I really will!) but yes, there is a lot of literary theory to that effect. And I have seen Darcy/Wickham and what I think was Darcy/Bingley slash around, though I haven't read it yet and I wouldn't do the Bingley one to Elizabeth either. (And I haven't even checked out my new Austen fanfiction links yet).

And I wondered a lot about Emma and her friend Harriet, and I know for certain I am not the only one. I guess I notice femmeslash more than male slash, though in anime circles one can hardly get away from the latter. (I wouldn't even consider myself a slasher or yaoi fan but even I have a few couples I go for.)

Anyway, poor Jane is probably already rolling about the plans to cast Brad Pitt as Darcy in a new P & P. I hope that rumor is wrong but I doubt it.

I am a little frightened by how well that scenario works.

Doesn't it, though?

At the moment, I'm even convinced that Edmund and Henry had their own brief fling (in which case, Henry's marrying Fanny (or Julia) and Edmund's marrying Mary would have been tres convenient.)

Or, more probably, Edmund is too straitlaced to realize what he felt for Henry, which he displaced onto Mary. :):):)

Well, what about Mary and Fanny? Mary scared and intimidated Fanny, and I doubt they actually had a fling, but her attraction/hate relationship with Henry could easily have been a cover-up for something else.

Just throwing a little femmeslash in here...

Femmeslash isn't my cup of kugel. I can see femmeslash subtext, but I don't read or write it. It does weird things to my head (so do hetsex scenes. It's the girls, because I am, and then it's me having sex. It's very much a me weirdness.)

*nodnod* sorry if I made you uncomfortable, and I do see what you mean. Not a weirdness at all... I suppose I find the girl thing more accessible but that is indeed a danger of its own. (not that you meant it that way per se)

Jane Austen slash? I simply *must* read. I'm delighted to have found your journal. You're definitely lechatchillah cool.

Thank you! Welcome!

I hope you enjoy the story.

That was delectable. I enjoy your eloquence, your incisive characterisations, your deft use of dialogue, and your clever subtext.

Well done. I haven't enjoyed a slash piece as much as this since a Holmes/Watson piece several months ago.

Tell me you do B5 boyslash and I'll bake you some chalav yisrael cookies, b'li neder.

While I adore B5, I've never written any slash for it. Who do you pair?

Bester/garibaldi, Garibaldi/bester, Sinclair/Sheridan, Sheridan/Neroon, Londo/Vir, Londo/G'Kar (you can literally cut the sexual tension between those two with a blade), and Shadow/Morden. I go for the power couples.

I might write a slash story in which Delenn's experience in the chrysalis (for which my LJ is named) is one of not only transition from Minbari to Human-Minbari hybrid but from female to male.
I took chizuk from Delenn's transformation during the early stages of my own transitional journey.

Also. *blush*

Thank you. I was attempting to imitate the Mistress.